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PGASCOM provides a leading solution in information technology and communication

Managed Service

Focus Your Business, Let Me Help

PGASCOM helps your company by handling the business through our professional IT with an excellent guarantee service level.

Manage Connectivity

PGASCOM managed services is designed to help the corporate customers by manage and operate the company connectivity.

We provide the telecommunication tools, operation and monitoring system with our 24/7 helpdesk.

Seat Management

PGASCOM Seat Management is designed to help your company specialty for IT services, supporting the provision of all equipment, software and services, refreshed at predefined time periods. A menu-driven service offering, by which the organization selects and pays for all, or part of the services described above.

Manage SCADA

PGASCOM Manage SCADA is designed to help your company by providing the professional team to operate and manage the SCADA System.