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IP Transit
for Telco Provider

IP Transit

PGASCOM IP Transit solution is design meet the needs of your company. Whether you are as a network provider, global enterprise, software as a service (SaaS) provider or as a re-seller. Our IP Transit solutions provide the reliability, scalability and quality in accordance with the demands of your business. Our network is specifically designed to allow provide excellent performance with SLA in accordance with international standards. Supporting of cooperation partners whether for domestic and abroad, it’s presenting more secure quality of IP network and also to providing value added of PGAS-IX products with the competitive prices proportional quality.

  1. Fiber Optic Network (FO)
  2. Excellent Guarantee in SLA
  3. World-class reliable IP Port
  4. High capacity
  5. Network Operations & Helpdesk 24/7
  6. High scalability and flexible services